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The Parts You Can't See

For Love of Drusilla

All Things Drusilla
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Drusilla is our Princess, our Ripe Wicked Plum, our favorite Mad Vampire.
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Hello Dearies and welcome to all_things_dru, a community for all things concerning the Vampire Drusilla (the Mad) from the TV series Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel the Series.

Postings of: Opinions, Icons, Graphics, Praise, Rumours, Gossip, Etc. are highly encouraged! News regarding Juliet Landau is eagerly coveted also.

Fanfic of all kinds are also encouraged and welcomed with much squealing and awe as long as it involves Drusilla as a main or fully involved supporting character.

Videos and challenge ideas are welcomed as well!

If Dru speaks to you, give us a post, we want to hear about it!

Like most communities, there are a few rules. Mostly to make this a welcoming environment for all. Please observe the following:

  1. NO FLAMING We are all adults here (hopefully... and if you aren't an adult, why are you in here you naughty thing!) and you have the freedom to refuse to read/look at something that might offend you.

  2. SPELLCHECKING/BETA for stories: We won't be nazi's about the beta'ing, but the spellchecking... Please make sure that your fics are at least spellchecked.

  3. RATINGS: This isn't a new fandom, but it has waned a bit and so we encourage any and all postings that you may have. If it is a fanfic, please, rate your pieces properly! There may be some reader(s) or viewer(s) who don't want to read the smut/violence/etc. Please advise potential readers regarding the content of your work(s).

  4. DISCLAIMERS & CREDIT: PLEASE be sure to add a disclaimer on any and all works. This includes all fanart and videos as well. If you use any resources that are not your own, please credit where they came from.

  5. Please use this format in your headers for your submission(s).


  • Please be courteous and use cut-tags accordingly.

  • Don't go crazy with font sizes/colors/font-families. Not everyone has their pages set up the same and we would like to keep the site as user-friendly as possible!

  • The LiveJournal Cut Tag is a reader's best friend. Use it please!

  • Spoilers: Clearly mark any and all spoilers and use the LJ-Cut if possible!

  • F-LOCKED POSTS: Please do not link any of your posts to F-Locked entries. If you wish to keep your personal journal 'Friends Only', you may (and are encouraged to) post directly to all_things_dru.

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